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Tech Es Para Todos!

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CSTA, in partnership with the Idea Center at Miami Dade Wolfson, will host a panel discussion in Spanish so ELL high school students can learn about the journey of CS industry professionals. At the end of the panel, we will share resources so students can get started into the world of CS. The Idea Center will also share some of the opportunities they offer. The event will also be streamed via our Instagram page, @CSTAMiami
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CSTA Miami Leadership Team

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April 23rd, 2021

As the school year starts to wind down, we would like to congratulate you for persisting in your role and seeing this year through. Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication you have put forth through these trying times. We all look forward to a summer where we can rest and reflect about this unprecedented year, and to a new school year with the hopes that it will bring some level of normalcy to our lives.

As our chapter leaders plan for next school year, we would like to inform you of some changes in our team,

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How did our CSTA Miami leaders spend their summer?

Although summer is a time to re-charge, COVID-19 has definitely changed the paradigm for all this year. Our tireless team used that time to continue the mission of CSTA by continuing to grow as educators and on community engagement. Read more to see how some of our team spent their summers.
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Teacher Highlight: Mark Godinez

Posted by Willy Orozco
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On our first Teacher Highlight, we showcase our very on Chapter Secretary, Mark Godinez. Mark teaches AP computer science Principles, VR Unity coding, and Work Experience at South Dade Senior High School. Learn how he earned the South Florida NCWIT Affiliate Educator of the Year Award.

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New Jobs Page!

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CSTA Miami Chapter has a new Job Opportunities page. As we keep growing our community, we will be posting more jobs. The page also has a link so you can submit more opportunities for posting.
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