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Computer Science Resources

Code At Home - Girls Who Code

Code Club Projects - Free creative 3rd-12th grade computer science projects designed and shared in a student-friendly, self-directed way. Project platforms include Scratch, HTML/CSS, Python, Blender, MicroBit, Raspberry Pi

Learning computer science when schools are closed -

CYBER @ Home - Great page wit different resources

Pathfinders Online Institute - Infosys Foundation USA

Resources to Support Teaching During COVID-19 - CSTA

Scratch - An open computing platform to allow students to create almost anything they can imagine. Scratch uses block-based programming.

Scratch Jr - An iPad app that allows younger students to create basic projects using colorful block-based code.

Amazing Educational Resources - A platform with hundreds of resources for all subjects. They have over a hundred computer science resources available.

RobotMesh - Virtual Coding Vex EDR, IQ & more

Tynker - Tynker provides coding/programming resources K-12. They are offering free access to their curriculum for teachers/schools facing closing due to the coronavirus. Must fill out the form.

CoderZ - Virtual robotics platform for different levels.

Coding for Beginners - HP compiled this list of different sites where you can learn computer science. *Thank you Caity for sharing this resource with us ;)

The Complete Guide for Learning Code: Tools and Resources from TestProjectThis guide explains each programming language in easily understood terms so that an aspiring coder can pick which language they prefer to start their journey with. A few languages mentioned are Python, Java, Ruby, HTML, and more. For each coding language, they also provide excellent introduction websites, cheat sheets, comprehensive learning materials, online communities to join, and overall a plethora of professional development resources!

Is Computer Science Hard - compiled this open-use guide for students pursuing the field. It covers computer science skills, programs, and tips to make computer science easier.

Other Resources

Bill Nye the Science Guy and - Focusing on science and computer science respectively and offer both lessons and hands-on projects.

BrainPOP and National Geographic Kids - Websites, which have educational lessons for younger children.

Khan Academy - Hundreds of videos and online tutorials for K-12 students across a variety of subjects.

Rube Goldberg

Time for Kids - Digital library free for the rest of the school year.

Instructables - Crowdsourced database of projects for any subject you can think of. Free membership to educators.