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Computer Science Resources

Code At Home - Girls Who Code

Code Club Projects - Free creative 3rd-12th grade computer science projects designed and shared in a student-friendly, self-directed way. Project platforms include Scratch, HTML/CSS, Python, Blender, MicroBit, Raspberry Pi

Learning computer science when schools are closed -

CYBER @ Home - Great page wit different resources

Pathfinders Online Institute - Infosys Foundation USA

Resources to Support Teaching During COVID-19 - CSTA

Scratch - An open computing platform to allow students to create almost anything they can imagine. Scratch uses block-based programming.

Scratch Jr - An iPad app that allows younger students to create basic projects using colorful block-based code.

Amazing Educational Resources - A platform with hundreds of resources for all subjects. They have over a hundred computer science resources available.

RobotMesh - Virtual Coding Vex EDR, IQ & more

Tynker - Tynker provides coding/programming resources K-12. They are offering free access to their curriculum for teachers/schools facing closing due to the coronavirus. Must fill out the form.

CoderZ - Virtual robotics platform for different levels.

Coding for Beginners - HP compiled this list of different sites where you can learn computer science. *Thank you Caity for sharing this resource with us ;)

Other Resources

Bill Nye the Science Guy and - Focusing on science and computer science respectively and offer both lessons and hands-on projects.

BrainPOP and National Geographic Kids - Websites, which have educational lessons for younger children.

Khan Academy - Hundreds of videos and online tutorials for K-12 students across a variety of subjects.

Rube Goldberg

Time for Kids - Digital library free for the rest of the school year.

Instructables - Crowdsourced database of projects for any subject you can think of. Free membership to educators.