December 4th to the 9th, 2023


Check out the video below

The video below contains that challenge and important information.


Work on you project and prepare your presentation

You will have a chance to get technical help if needed. See below the video for more details.


Attend your assigned location to present your project.

Your assigned location was selected by you when your team registered for the hackathon. You should have also received an email confirming the location and your presentation time.

---------For Participants Presenting------------
--------------- in Miami ONLY---------------------

We have arranged a series of enriching workshops and an exhibition floor for all participants to explore and enjoy. While you do not have to be there for the whole event, we encourage you to attend. You can check out more information about the workshops and registration at code-art/celebration.

Video Release

Use technology – whether it's coding, designing, or creating – to inform and educate people about the importance of protecting our data.

You have the freedom to craft a website, develop a video game, design an app, or even invent a whole new way to spread this crucial message!"

This challenge is not just about tech skills; it's about making a real impact. Your creation could be the key to unlocking a safer digital world for everyone. It's your chance to become a cyber hero, defending our online realm. Your innovative ideas can educate, inspire, and empower others to take control of their online security." "So, get ready to harness your creativity, bring your A-game, and think outside the box! We're eagerly waiting to see how you'll revolutionize the conversation around cybersecurity.


Technical Help

Check out the amazing volunteers below to receive technical help

Samuel Nunnally

Architect at CSX.

Samuel has experience with Java, JavaScript and SQL.
Vol 2


Chief Technology Officer

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Do we have to create a presentation deck?
You do not, but it is a valuable tool to help you present. The most important consideration is that a presentation deck is just an aid and the presentation has to come FROM YOU.
If we do a presentation deck, so we need to use 4 slides as explained in the video?
No, you do not. Those 4 slides were just to explain the different areas where your team will be graded on. While you need to ensure all these aspects are embedded in your presentation, we encourage you to be creative
How much time do we have to present?
You will have 10 minutes to present and 5 minutes for Q&A with the judges.
Do all team members need to present?
While we are not grading for team cohesiveness, we do strongly encourage all of the members of your team to participate. Having said this, we will understand if there is a situation that will not allow for one or more of your team members to attend.
I am not sure which is our location.
You should have received an email with confirming your location. If you can not find it make sure to email us at
Do I need to present in person?
Only if you want to be eligible to win any prizes.
Can teams use 3rd party libraries?
Teams can use libraries, frameworks, or open-source code in their projects as long as 1. they have permission to use the library, 2. the overall project itself is innovative and original.
I do not see my question here.
Email it to us at We will gladly answer any questions and post it here in case anybody else has the same question.