This year we are celebrating Computer Science Education by turning our yearly online hackathon to hybrid! Students can participate online, or at one of our hubs in Downton Miami and Downtown Jacksonville.

But wait.... There is more!

If you are a teacher in South Florida, we will be offering PAID workshop opportunities! At the end of the day, all teachers will be invited to connect with fellow teachers, education organizations and tech people as we close our celebration of computer science education.



8 - 5 PM

Student hackathon is open to middle and high school students and can be joined online or in person in Miami or Jacksonville, FL. Teams that wish to participate must be between 3 and 5 students and each team member must bring their own computer if joining in person. Each team must be registered by an adult sponsor (sponsor does not need to be present the day of the event, and a single adult can sponsor multiple teams). When registering, please include the adult sponsor under Contact Information and type each team member information for each ticketPlease make sure your team understands the hackathon rules before registering.

In Person Hackathon Locations,

Jacksonville, FL

CSX 550 Building

550 Water St, Jacksonville, FL 3220

Free Parking on site


Miami, FL

The IDEA Center at MDC Wolfson Campus

315 Northeast 2nd Avenue Building 8, 5th Floor

Miami, FL 33132

Free parking at Building 7 garage located on NE 2nd Avenue, between NE 5th and 6th Streets. Campus map.



9 -11:00 AM - From Unplugged to Plugged Coding for K-5 Students led by BootUp
Students will experience algorithms with unplugged activities that will help them build foundational knowledge that aligns to computer science coding skills.
About the trainers

Becky Hansen


Becky is an energetic and passionate professional development facilitator, technology integration coach, and bilingual educator. As a facilitator, Becky brings her computer science experience and her love of technology to help find innovative and standard-based learning activities for her teachers. She earned her M.Ed in Curriculum and Instruction with a focus on distance learning and online education from Dallas Baptist University and she holds various certifications such as the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) certification. Becky has written and helped establish an elementary computer science school of choice program and works as an educational consultant for Capstone Publishing.


Brenda Bass

Brenda has been a Professional Development Facilitator for BootUp for the past 5 years, recently moving to the PD Manager. She has 32 years of teaching experience where she taught K-5 coding, STEAM challenges and physical computing to help support science standards. She was also the coding/robotics sponsor. Prior to the Science/STEAM Lab, she was a Digital Learning Specialist supporting multiple campuses with technology integration, facilitating Professional Development as well as supporting coding/robotics clubs. At the District level, she provided support for district-wide initiatives such as STEM/LOGO Institute, Scratch Day, training coding/robotic sponsors and Film Festival. Brenda has presented on technology integration in the classroom at TCEA and ISTE.

11 - 12:00 PM The Low-Code way to Launch! led by Miami Ed Tech.
In this workshop, you'll explore ways to begin and launch a web application without writing a line of code. Learn about tools available to help do so! Available for Middle and High School Students

About the trainer


Carlos Vazquez, Founding President & CEO of Miami EdTech


Carlos Vazquez is a seasoned educator, technologist and entrepreneur known for his innovative leadership in the Ed Tech field. Throughout his career, he has cultivated an extensive and versatile experience at the intersection of technology, education, and communications, leveraging technology to find disruptive solutions for ineffective systems.

Currently, Carlos serves as the founding president of Miami EdTech®, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to transforming education through the use of technology and igniting the entrepreneurial spirit within today’s educators. Substantiated by a flourishing teacher-tech-centric ecosystem and mutually beneficial cross-sector partnerships, Miami EdTech envisions a world where innovative technologies redefine education with real-world, scalable solutions. Leveraging bespoke programming, Miami EdTech and its partners work to address systemic challenges in education, provide a means for today’s educators to turn their tech-enabled solutions into successful enterprises, and advance diversity, equity, and inclusion in computer science education.

Growing up in the South Bronx, Carlos saw firsthand what it meant not to have access to a network of professional mentors. This inspired him to begin a path in social justice community work while enrolled at Fordham University, where he served as a mentor for a Collegiate Science and Technology Entry Program designed to prepare students of color and economically disadvantaged students for careers in STEM fields. Carlos also taught in a bilingual 5th grade classroom as a member of the highly competitive NYC Teaching Fellow teacher training cohort, later coaching first-year teachers as a Fellows Ambassador. A passionate advocate for underrepresented communities in the tech industry, Carlos has since embarked on a career as an edtech entrepreneur and nonprofit professional, launching several successful workforce readiness programs that focus on inspiring and training individuals to develop in-demand tech and entrepreneurial skills for the modern workforce.

In 2017, Carlos served as Co-Director of the Miami chapter of New Leaders Council, a national organization dedicated to educating and empowering a new generation of leaders. He now serves as CEO/Co-Founder of CDG Innovations, an educational technology services and consulting company, which developed videoRehearser, a virtual training and coaching platform that uses brain science to transform learning. Additionally, Carlos serves as adjunct faculty at Miami Dade College and on the Vice Provost’s Council at Florida International University

Carlos holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from Fordham University, a Master of Science degree in Education from the City University of New York, and a Master of Science degree in Web Strategy & Design from Mercy College. When not working to strengthen his community through Ed Tech, he can be found prototyping the next big app, editing pictures and videos, or organizing tee-ball tournaments for his 3-year-old son.


All teacher workshops will be at the same location as the Miami hackathon. Teachers who complete each workshop will receive $50 stipend per workshop. There are no limitations as to the number of workshops you can take; however, we ask you to be considerate and register only to those workshops you know you will attend as space is limited. Must bring your own computer.

8:00 - 10:00 AM Strategies for Including students with dis/Abilities in K-12 CS Education led by Educational Technology and Computer Science Education at the University of Florida

This session addresses strategies for including students with disabilities in K-12 computer science education through an exploration of inclusive and accessible practices. We will apply Universal Design for Learning (UDL) and High Leverage Practices (HLP) to K-12 CS education with specific action steps, examples, and tools. Throughout this session, resources and tools will be shared and there will be opportunities to reflect and consider applications within a wide range of instructional contexts. Whether you are a novice to inclusive and accessible practices or experiences, this session will strengthen how we as computer science educators can broaden participation, frame our instruction, and address learner variability.

About the trainers

Maya Israel, Ph.D.
Maya is an associate professor of Educational Technology and Computer Science Education at the University of Florida. She is also the Director of the CSEveryone: The Kenneth C. Griffin CS Education for All Initiative as well as the Creative Technology Research Lab . Her research focuses on strategies for supporting academically diverse learners’ meaningful engagement in computer science education, especially those with dis/Abilities. Lastly, Dr. Israel works with multiple school districts and states on systemic and classroom strategies to more equitably include students with disabilities in K-12 computer science education initiatives.
Alexis Cobo
Alexis is a doctoral candidate in Curriculum and Instruction, specializing in Educational Technology at the University of Florida. She is also the Director of Educational Technology & Innovation at a K-12 independent school in Boca Raton, Fl. Throughout the last eleven of her sixteen years in education, Alexis specialized in supporting both teachers and students in integrating computer science in the K-5 curriculum. Both a personal and professional passion, Cobo organized the South Florida ScratchEd Meetup to bring together like-minded educators in the area. Today, Alexis’s research interests include inclusive and equitable pedagogies as a means to reduce barriers to the inclusion of students with disabilities in K-12 CS education. Through the support of the Scratch Foundation, Alexis launched the Creating Pathways Collective, a ScratchEd Meetup centered on equity, inclusion, and accessibility through the lens of Scratch.
10:00 - 12:00 PM The Art of Coding Animations by Code/Art
This PD is for all K-12 teachers, especially Art and CS teachers. You will learn how to guide your students to use computer programming (JavaScript with Processing.js library) as a medium to create coded animations using our easy-to-teach, step-by-step lesson. It’s a great way to bring coding to the art classroom and art to the CS classroom!
About the trainer

Lisa Hauser
Lisa is a high school computer science and mathematics teacher with over twenty years of teaching experience in urban public schools in Miami. When Code/Art was in its nascent stage, Lisa was the first to say “yes, let’s do this!” because she deeply believes that coding and computer science, as tools for change, should be accessible to all students. Lisa graduated from Williams College with a BA in Mathematics and Psychology, she holds a MS degree from the University of Miami in Education and Social Change, and is a National Board Certified Teacher.  Lisa Hauser is the 2021 recipient of the Educational Innovation Abie Award presented by for the work she and Code/Art are doing to increase the number of women in computer science.

12:00 - 1:00 PM Lunch
1:00 - 3:00 PM Connecting Coding with Standards and Themes led by BootUp

Coding helps develop problem-solving, critical thinking, creativity, communication, and collaboration skills. K-5th grade teachers will connect coding with standards and themes using ScratchJr and Scratch.

About the trainers: check out the student session "From Unplugged to Plugged Coding for K-5 Students led by BootUp." to learn more about the trainers.


3:00 - 5:00 PM  Create & Code the Web with Wix Education
Wix Education is a free website-building platform for students ages 13+ where they can nurture design and coding skills, be creative, and make their ideas come to life. The platform is designed to be teacher-led and provides free lesson plans and activities designed to give you and your students everything you need to dive into the world of web creation, design, and coding — no matter what subject you teach. In this session, we'll explore the Wix Education platform, try out an interactive activity together, and create individualized plans for your students to create their own stunning websites. 
5:00 Happy Hour Sponsored by itopia - Separate registration required. Click here to register.

Thank you to all of these amazing sponsors as this event would not have been possible without them