The Microsoft Philanthropies program TEALS, started this school year in Miami, and teachers are already seeing the benefits of the program in their classrooms.
The Technology Education and Literacy in Schools (TEALS) program has been supporting high school schools in the United States for about 10 years, and this year, they started supporting 5 schools in Miami. TEALS is a Microsoft Philanthropies program that connects classroom teachers with tech-industry volunteers, through remote and in classroom learning, to create sustainable CS and technology education programs. Teachers learn to teach CS independently over time to ensure all young people are equipped for the future. 
This professional development model is already starting to show positive results,
"In the first year teaching a computer science course in our school, the TEALS volunteers in our classroom have given our students a window into the world of what is possible with a CS education. Through their insight into the real world and the relationships that they have built with our students, they have added a truly life-changing dimension to the education our students are receiving.  Even in a virtual environment, I can tell that our students are learning immensely from our volunteers and enjoy the connections they are making." Mr. Robert Fox - Booker T. Washington SHS
"Volunteers model consistency and professional skills as they are constantly in contact with the students, while building confidence in them." Mark Godinez - South Dade SHS
Not only has the implementation of the program helped build teacher capacity. It has also helped teachers cope with the overwhelming responsibilities of conducting classes during the pandemic, 
"The volunteers have been a great support during this pandemic. Not only are they helping me with planning and grading, but we have developed a friendship and I have someone to talk to that understands exactly what is going on in my classroom." Mark Godinez - South Dade
Willy Orozco, Regional Manager for the TEALS program in South Florida, is looking to expand the program in Miami, and is currently looking to support more schools for the school year 2021-2022. If you are interested you can request a meeting via this link. You can also contact him at The application deadline is February 12th, 2021.
"The TEALS program offers opportunities to students who normally do not have access to them. I left the classroom because I know the impact this program can have in our society. I am looking forward to support all high schools in Miami!" -Willy